DISCLAIMER: Statistical information was obtained from the NADA’s annual publication entitled “NADA Data” a compilation of its year-long analysis of the U.S. car and truck industry. No claim is made as to accuracy.

This information is being supplied as a general resource only.

Indiana new-vehicle franchised dealers are a major source and generator of tax revenue, and a principal contributor of both time and money to local charities. We expect this statewide economic and civic support to continue. The details of Indiana dealership operations and their effect on the economy are documented below.

- 2017-
(Compiled in 2016)


  • 391 Franchised Dealerships
  • $14.4 Billion in Total Sales
  • $1.2 Billion Total Retail Payroll was paid by Indiana’s Franchised Dealers
  • $51,414 Average Annual Earnings for Employees of IN Franchised Dealerships
  • 59 Employees (Average per dealership)
  • 50,177 Total Jobs Created by Dealerships
  • 1.4% Indiana's Share of Total U.S. New-Vehicle Registrations

United States

  • 16,708 New Car Dealerships
  • $995.6 Billion in sales / 18% Share of Total Retail Sales in U.S.
  • $64.9 Billion Total Retail Payroll in the U.S. is paid by Franchised Dealers
  • $58,326 Average Annual Earnings for Employees of All Franchised Dealerships 
  • 69 Employees (average per dealership)
  • 2,397,163 Total jobs created by dealerships