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Mission Statement: Established in 1975, the Dealers Election Action Committee is the only non-profit political action committee representing franchised dealers of both imported and domestic new – cars and –trucks. DEAC works to ensure that the voice of the National Automobile Dealers Association is well represented on Capitol Hill by supporting pro-dealer, pro-business Congressional candidates, analyzing the merits of both Democratic and Republican candidates.

Nationally, 58 NADA “states” comprise the NADA PAC network. California, Pennsylvania and Texas each include two NADA states, and the metropolitan areas of New York City, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, and Washington, D.C., are considered individual NADA states. Each NADA state has its own NADA PAC team comprised of the NADA director, state association president, NADA PAC state chairman, and dealer association executive.

To assist the teams with their fundraising efforts, the NADA PAC national office, headquartered in McLean, Virginia, provides administrative and organizational support, promotional materials, fundraising expertise and follow-up for solicitations and events. Members of NADA PAC state teams also recommend congressional candidates to receive NADA PAC contributions. Each NADA PAC candidate contribution begins with a written request initiated and authorized by all four members of the association’s NADA PAC state team.

Each candidate who receives a contribution from NADA PAC has been recommended by the NADA PAC team in his or her state. By law, PACs may contribute a maximum of $5,000 per election; $5,000 for the primary, $5,000 for the general election and $5,000 for a special election.

NADA provides 100 percent financial support to NADA PAC for administrative, fundraising and solicitation expenses. That means that every penny you donate goes directly to the election campaigns of candidates for the United States House and Senate. This ensures that all contributions you make to NADA PAC are distributed entirely to those members that your NADA PAC state team feels will best represent NADA and those issues of importance to the automobile dealer industry.

You must be a member of NADA to contribute to NADA PAC. Your membership fee is based on the number of new vehicles sold the previous year. Fees are minimal for the service received. NADA PAC must have a signed permission form on file to accept contributions. This form permits NADA PAC to send information regarding NADA PAC activities and mailings and to solicit funds from you during the calendar year.

Contributions must be made via a personal check or personal credit card payment… Federal law prohibits corporate money of any kind from being accepted by candidates for federal office. Therefore, NADA PAC does not accept company checks. 

NADA PAC Permission Form

NADA PAC Contribution/Pledge Form