• What is ADAI's State-by-State Sales Tax Comparison Chart information?

            [NOTE: Do not use this chart for calculating non-resident sales tax rates. Always use the IDOR chart found on the IDOR Dealer Page.] 
            Download PDF for Sales Tax by State

What are the Dealer Services by State Agency?

Bureau of Motor Vehicles:

  • Dealer Designee Plates
  • Dealer/Fleet Services
  • Dealer ONsite Title Processing
  • Title Histories
  • Title Issues (Documents, Corrections Mechanics Lien, MVINs, SSN Requirements, Salvage, etc.)

Secretary of State

  • Dealer License
  • Dealer Plates
  • "Plates on Demand" Interim Plates
  • Off-Site Sales License
  • Dealer Vehicle Inspection Approval
  • Dealer Business Regulation
  • Franchise Protection Disputes