Fact Sheets & Information

  "It's the Law" Brochure

  10+ Passenger Van Sales Restrictions

  21-Day Title Delivery Law

  Air Bag Law

  Air Bag On-Off Switch Agreement

  Air Bag On-Off Switches

  BMV Power of Attorney

  Bankruptcy Laws - Perfecting Liens

  Bankruptcy Laws - Perfecting Liens - Federal Law

  Bootlegging Guidelines

  Business Entity License (Insurance)

  Buyback Vehicle Disclosure

  Buyer's Guide FTC Booklet

  Buyer's Guide FTC Online Information

  Buyer's Remorse or Cooling Off Rule

  Cash Reporting

  Comparison of Auto Refinishing Rules

  Courtesy Deliveries

  Credit Reports & the FCRA

  Damage Disclosure Law & Notice

  Dealer Plate Use Guidelines

  Deceptive Consumer Sales Laws

  Demonstrator Use Agreement

  Demonstrator Use NADA

  Drivers Ed Loaner Cars

  Federal Telemarketing Restrictions

  Finance Charge

  Flood Damaged Vehicle

  Franchise Protection Laws

  GAP Cap Increase

  Gap Sales Tax

  Goodwill Service Agreement

  Hidden Gratuities

  Lease Disclosure Laws

  Lease Disclosure Requirement

  Lemon Law

  Mechanic's Lien Application

  Mechanic's Lien Packet

  Negative Equity

  OFAC List Patriot Act Compliance

  Offsite Sales Law

  Paper vs. Metal Plate

  Posters & Signs

  Primary Insurance

  Privacy Laws Chart

  Privacy Rule

  Recall Issues-NADA Guidance

  Record Retention Guidelines

  Relevant Market Area Laws

  Revocation of Acceptance Law

  Right to Cure Form

  Right to Cure Law

  Safeguards Rule Privacy Program

  Sale to Minors

  Sales Tax on Demos

  Telephone Privacy Autodialer Law

  Telephone Privacy Consent to Text

  Telephone Robo Call Rules

  Tire Tax

  Trade In Vehicle Not Owned by Purchaser

  Unemployment Comp vs Independent Contractor

  WARN Act - Advance Notice of Closure/Downsizing