ADAI Purpose and POSITION statement


The purpose of the Automobile Dealers Association of Indiana, Inc. is to maintain and enhance the franchise distribution system of motor vehicles in Indiana. The ADAI believes the franchise system of independently owned and operated licensed new vehicle dealers bests serves the interests of manufacturers and consumers by insuring the most competitive and efficient means of distributing and servicing high quality new and used motor vehicle.


A level playing field, with fair and open competition among all dealers, is the best assurance Indiana consumers will continue to obtain the highest level of value and service for their auto mobiles, trucks and motorcycles. ADAI is committed to taking whatever actions are necessary to accomplish this mission, including enacting legislation to protect dealers in their relationship with the manufacturer. The ADAI will work to protect members from overreaching and unfair manufacturer restrictions on their ability to operate and sell the businesses they have worked hard to build. The ADAI will also work to support legislation to protect members from perceived abuses and oppressive acts by the manufacturer. The ADAI believes any Indiana state budget surplus is a result of over taxation. The ADAI believes in maintaining a rainy day fund, however all additional surpluses should be either returned to the taxpayers in the form of tax cuts or invested in economic development. The ADAI will work for and support legislation aimed at increasing Indiana’s economic development. The ADAI will work against and oppose legislation harmful to members and their employees.


A franchised new car, truck or motorcycle dealer and select used car dealer in Indiana honors their annual dues request for one and only one reason: To protect his business from statutory, regulatory and predatory laws, rules and industry special interests that might otherwise lend to a devaluation or destruction of his business. For this reason the ADAI should first and foremost provide members with the best and most comprehensive government relations effort possible. To accomplish this, the ADAI established a grass roots political action network. The grass roots political action network includes member dealers contributing to Indiana Dealers Election Action for Survival (IDEAS), the political action committee (PAC) of ADAI, identifying members who personally know member s of the Indiana General Assembly and matching them with other dealers in their respective legislative districts, additionally coordinating PAC contributions to legislators within these same members’ districts. The result of the network is ADAI dealer members can instantly respond to requests to contact legislators considering both pro and adverse legislation affecting ADAI (franchised and select used automobile dealers), ITDA (franchised heavy-duty truck dealers), and MDAI (franchised motorcycle dealers) members.


Membership penetration, or the number of eligible members who qualify to be members of the ADAI, is the most significant factor when weighing the success of the Association. The ADAI, as with all 50 states, is the only marketing arm of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). It is the responsibility of the ADAI to strive toward 100% franchised membership participation in NADA as well as ADAI. IDEAS is nearly as important as membership itself. Dealer participation in NADA’s political action network, the political action committee (PAC), goes hand in hand with the correlation of ADAI/NADA membership recruitment. All four of these items – ADAI membership, NADA membership, IDEAS and DEAC, are our top priority.