ADAI History

ADAI History

The Automobile Dealers Association of Indiana, Inc., better known as ADAI, was founded in 1937. The purpose of the Association is to promote and encourage the best possible business climate for the sale
and service of motor vehicles – and ADAI is dedicated to the attainment of Equitable and Just Treatment for the Trade.

A trade association made up of more than 630 franchised new vehicle (car, heavy-duty truck and motorcycle) dealers – both import and domestic – and, beginning in 2008, used car dealers selling 120 or more vehicles per year throughout the State of Indiana focusing on government relations, education and customer satisfaction.

The Association’s office is located in Indianapolis at 150 W. Market Street, Suite 812. The day-to-day activities are carried out by a staff of four, including the Executive Vice President, Regulatory Agency Advisor, Membership/Services Manager and Dealer Bond Coordinator. Association policy is determined by 25 Board of Directors including 12 District Directors who are elected by Association members from their respective districts.

The Association, in addition to working with Indiana policy makers, also serves as a conduit to Indiana’s regulatory agencies including the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Indiana Attorney General, Indiana Secretary of State and the Departments of Revenue, Insurance and Transportation. Legal issues are an intricate part of the membership services provided by ADAI.

ADAI sponsors dealership personnel training seminars, develops business forms used in dealership operation, and provides dealership employee handbook services. Although lobbying the Indiana General Assembly is the primary purpose of ADAI, the Association also serves as a liaison between dealer members and local government agencies throughout the State of Indiana.