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Benefits of ADAI Membership
Your "Value to Membership" Recap

  • LEGISLATIVE REPRESENTATION (Free Regulatory Representation)
    ADAI represents dealers on state and national levels. Full-time representation during Legislative Session….Maintains personal contact with legislators to protect your interests by keeping franchise laws strong.
  • LEGAL COUNSEL  (Free 1 hour Member Consulation Annually)
    BOSE McKINNEY & EVANS LLP is ADAI's retained counsel and offers 1 hour of free consultation per year to association members. They are available to counsel on legal matters affecting the automotive business….help draft desirable legislation and analyze controversial issues.  
    FEDERATED INSURANCE is ADAI’s recommended provider for Employee Medical insurance, Business Property & Liability and Financial Protection Services insurance.
  • "THE SHOWROOM"  (Free Bi-monthly Magazine) 
    A bi-monthly newsletter published by the ADAI and sent free of charge to all Indiana member dealers and allied members. A classified section is available… at no charge… for "Wanted" ads and to sell new or used equipment or property.
  • GROUP DISABILITY INSURANCE  (No Member Admin Charge + Non-dues Revenue for Association)
    AMERICAN FIDELITY ASSURANCE COMPANY ... ADAI recommends a group disability insurance plan underwritten by American Fidelity Assurance. In addition to underwriting over 300 state-wide association group disability insurance programs, they offer a Section 125 Flexible Benefit plan and there are no administrative charges for ADAI members.
  • CHARGE CARD PROGRAM  (Member Discount + Non-Dues Revenue for Association)
    CARDCONNECT can save Association members substantially on their monthly credit card processing costs.

VERNON GENERAL INSURANCE  (Exclusive Credit LIfe & GAP Products + Free F&I Training for VGI Clients) 
VERNON GENERAL INSURANCE’s special charter and competitive prices can save you money with its insurance products and programs. Only ADAI members are eligible to take advantage of VGI’s credit life and GAP programs.

UNITED SURETY AGENTS, INC. offers ADAI members a substantial discount on the cost of the $25,000 surety bond all licensed dealers are required to post. They offer simplified short form applications, discount pricing on single and multi-year premium rates as well as post-dated bond effective dates to coincide with license renewal dates for ADAI members.

CANCER INSURANCE  (Non-dues Revenue for Association)
WALT GARNER ASSOCIATES, INC. is the recommended carrier specializing in cancer insurance.

DEALERTRACK (Non-dues Revenue for Association)
delivers Indiana's most comprehensive registration and titling solutions

MESSAGE ON-HOLD  (Member Discount)
SPECTRIO, “On Hold Solutions” can personalize association member's on-hold message to fit any business need. 

FORMS PACKAGE  (Non-dues Revenue for Association)
Access to ADAI's legally drafted & approved dealership forms package via KATZ & KORIN, P.C.

Online access to ADAI's regulatory Fact Sheets & Information covering a multitude of dealer-related issues.


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